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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Chemistry

Programme Philosophy
The Ph.D. in Chemistry is based on strong belief and conception to orient candidates to the informed and critical application of knowledge to problems, challenges, innovation, new advances and entrants to issues concerning chemistry as a discipline and its application in real and theoretical arena

Rational of the Programme
The advancement of development in developing and developed economies is driven by professionals with advanced knowledge and skills that are relevant in areas identified as priority. This requires training students to the highest level of knowledge and skills relevant for advancement of existing knowledge and new identified areas. Ph.D programme in Chemistry is designed to equip learners with critical knowledge and skills to enable them venture into research and research application that is geared to deal with problems and challenges to enhance development in the field of chemistry. The programme is further designed to open new research fields that enhance humanity.

Goal of the Programme
The programme offers a wide range of study fields in chemistry with deep scopes in Organic, Inorganic, Nanotechnology, theoretical, applied, Physical and general areas of Chemistry at Ph.D. level. The doctoral programme is intended to enhance individual’s capacity and skills for positions involving research, teaching and results dissemination in international, regional and national institution of research and higher institution of learning. The graduates are further prepared for positions in public and private sectors in various fields of chemistry. This will enhance economic development from regional to National and internations level to facilitate achievement of a vibrant economy. The programme is also aimed at meeting dynamic world demands for graduates who can address emerging and current issues. The graduates are further oriented in results and findings dissemination with a view of enhancing development and advancement of their field of study.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme
By the end of the programme, the graduate will:
Have acquired relevant and advanced skills and knowledge in the various areas of specialization
Developed research and writing ability of scholarly work
Be able to supervise other graduate students in their areas of specialization and related fields

Mode of Delivery of the programme
This shall include face to face consultations between supervisors and candidates, proposal writing, data collection and analysis, thesis and publications writing and presentations, seminars and workshops attendance and presentations, thesis presentations and defense at relevant University boards.

Eligibility for Registration
A candidate who wishes to be admitted to the programm must have the minimum University general admissions requirements.
Holders of a Master of Science degree in Chemistry of University of Embu  or any other institution recognized by the Senate
Holders of Masters degree from University of Embu in areas of specialization relevant to the discipline of study in chemistry
A candidate who has other sufficient qualification or academically non-credited experience but is able to produce evidence, to the satisfaction of Senate, of his/her capacity to carry out original research.

Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Registration as a Doctoral Student
The applicant for enrollment to the programme shall be granted provisional admission letter.
The provisionally admitted candidate shall be required to develop an acceptable research proposal before being substantively admitted and enrolled as a doctoral students
Subject to the approval of Senate, the Department may require the candidate to attend such a course or courses in the candidate’s academic area of study or to endow the candidate with specialized skills or knowledge to assist him in his study or research.
Performance in courses offered may be assessed in accordance to University Regulations on Examinations

Thesis Research
A candidate shall carry out supervised thesis research in his/her chosen or guided area of study for a minimum of six semesters and a maximum of twelve semesters.

Extension Regulations
An extension of the registration period may be granted by Senate to satisfactory reason being presented by the candidate

Regulations for Credit Transfer and Exemptions
Regulations for Exemption
No Exemption shall be given for the programme unless provisions are made for option of course work with approval of senate

Regulation for Credit Transfer
Request for credit transfer should be made in writing to dean of school after admission.
The portion of the programme on which credit transfer is sought shall not exceed 49 % of the programme
The portion of the programme for which transfer is sought shall be limited to proposal writing/approval for commencement of data collection and preliminary data collection subject to approval of the Senate.
The candidate seeking credit transfer shall meet all prescribed cost of the university

Course Requirements
The student shall be responsible for proposal development, data collection, and thesis development under the guidance of qualified University Supervisor(s) allocated by the teaching department

Student Assessment Criteria
The student shall be assessed, as shall be determined from time to time, by the Board of Examiners in accordance to Postgraduate Studies regulations

Graduation Requirements
To qualify for award of degree, the candidates shall fulfilled all the requirements as outlined in the Postgraduates studies regulations

Management and Administration of the Programme
The chairman of the department shall oversee implementation of the programme. A academic leader shall be responsible of the programme implementation, review and development. He or She shall be responsible of students’ guidance in the programme. The program shall be subjected to internal quality assurance as determined by the University organs.

Courses Offered for the programme
Course Description    Pre-Requisite    Hrs
SCH 801: Thesis    None    4,800

SCH 801: Thesis
Course Purpose
The purpose of the course   is to build the learners capacity in research work and research/scholarly publications
Expected Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, the learners should be able to;
Undertake requisite research proposal writing
Undertake laboratory research directed by current literature and proposal problem
Publish research work in an acceptable University Thesis and publication(s)

Course Descriptions
A candidate identifies, in consultation with Departmental academic staff, a research topic and develops a concept paper; the student is allocated or identifies at least two supervisors from among the academic members of staff who shall assist the student develop a research proposal;  the student presents the proposal  at a departmental seminar  where the audience critiques the research proposal and makes appropriate recommendations for changes to improve it; the student submits the proposal to the Board of Postgraduate Studies through the Chairman of Department and Dean of School, for approval; the student conducts the research according to the proposal and under the supervision of the identified supervisors; the student analyses and presents the results at a  departmental seminar for critique and review; the student finalizes the research in a form of thesis for examination.

Learning and Teaching Methods
Proposal writing, publications, seminar presentations for proposal and research results, examination and defense for thesis

Mode of Assessment
As guided by Postgraduates Studies Regulations

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